One month. 

It has been a month since I started the book list and so far I have learned that:
a) I am not the fast reader I was before;

b) Perhaps the range of books I chose was too complex and I should have added more contemporary stuff just because my mind works that way or a mix of long/short not just looooong/long;

c) I overestimated my timing, and perhaps should have done twenty books because the amount of things I have going on are far more time consuming than I expected. (I have BARELY touched my Netflix account, if it wasn’t for my sister they’d send me an email asking if I was ok)(okay, love island had me consumed for a minute but I knew I had an hourly commitment before I started this, I swear);

d) I should stop reading so much damn fanfiction (to elaborate, I read fanfiction before sleeping on my phone, most notably Harry Potter fanfiction. Please don’t judge. I know it’s consuming my life and such a bad habit).

I’m currently writing my thoughts and feelings on the latest book I completed (Rebecca) and I’m eschewing fanfiction for my next book (which is a big step, I know) but I think for the august month of August, I’ll try blogging more. Maybe I’ll blog about my top Harry Potter fanfiction (I jest)(and please don’t recommend things because I would end up  in a chasm just reading HPFF because I am literal human trash whose favourite hobby is procrastinating), or something reading related. 

But yay, a month! 

{oh and if you have followed me/liked any of my posts, thank you! I will most def follow you back 🙂 }

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