Hi, I’m Becky and I was a voracious reader.

Then, university happened and amongst all the academic reading and the assignments and work and life, I lost my passion for reading. I hope over the summer [of 2017] to rectify that by reading thirty books that I abandoned part-way through or bought and never had the time to read. The books I have chosen are a mixture of timeless classics or new favourites, part of a series or stand alone novels, mysteries and fantasies. It will be an eclectic set of thirty books that I hope to complete by the 1st of September.

After I finish each book, I will catalogue my thoughts and feelings and give a quasi-review on the book in question. They’ll probably get repetitive as time goes on, alas, what can I do?

I hope to have you on this journey with me, as I rediscover my love of reading over the summer.